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Curalmil is a draugr boss in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. He initially lies in his tomb, protecting the Word Wall in the Forsaken Crypt of the Forsaken Cave; if the Dragonborn approaches while sneaking, the tomb lid will open without waking him up. Curalmil is encountered on the side quest, The White Phial.

At high levels, Curalmil is a dragon priest instead of a draugr.



  • Although the draugr and dragon priest (Curalmil can be either, based on level) are traditionally Nordic creatures, he has an Altmer name.
  • Curalmil was once a celebrated alchemist, buried near his workshop and the White Phial artifact, which he created. Both Quintus Navale and Nurelion speak highly of his legendary skill.


This section contains bugs related to Curalmil. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  • Curalmil is buggy and it is not always possible to loot his body. However, if shoving his body around using a fully charged Unrelenting Force shout doesn't work, then waiting an hour should solve the issue.
  • On rare occasions, a glitch will cause part of the Forsaken Crypt to disappear from near the start to Curalmil's tomb, allowing the Dragonborn to jump down to the White Phial. If this happens, Curalmil and the other Draugr will not get out of their tombs, and the Dragonborn can get both the Word of Power and the White Phial without challenge.
  • Sometimes when sending him through the trap at the beginning of the room one of the blades sends him through the wall and he disappears keeping the Dragonborn from being able to loot his body but also allowing for the retrieval of the Word of Power and the White Phial without much of a fight


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