"Good to see you back again, Adept. The Guild is stronger with you at our side."

Curinure is an Altmer recruiter for the Mages Guild found in the hall in Vulkhel Guard. He may also be located in the guildhall in the Saint Delyn Waistworks of Vivec City.


Curinure's InvitationEdit

Talk to Curinure to learn more about the Mages Guild.


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"Welcome. Are you here on Mages Guild business?"

The Mages Guild?: "Yes, of course! We're lorekeepers across the face of Tamriel. Guild members seek out books, tomes, and ancient scrolls in their travels. Why don't you speak with me for a moment? Perhaps you'd like to join!"
Let's talk about the Mages Guild.: "Always good to speak with another knowledge-seeker. Guildmaster Vanus will be pleased!"
What can you tell me about the Mages Guild?: "We're bookhunters, of a sort. We seek out new information, capture it in our libraries, and make copies for distribution across Tamriel. The Guild doesn't care about battlefields, or boundaries. Just knowledge and the acquisition of new tomes."
What do I get in return?: "We provide training in unique spells and abilities only available to members! And from time to time projects crop up for those with an adventuresome spirit. You may end up working with the Guildmaster himself!"
You mentioned a Guildmaster?: "Vanus Galerion, one of the founding members of this august body. Still holds the proud title of Guildmaster, overseeing every guildhall in Tamriel. He works with other ranking members, such as Telenger the Artificer, to ensure our future success."
You're not affiliated with the Aldmeri Dominion?: "We are neutral in the war between the three Alliances. While many of us here in Vulkhel Guard hold true to the Eagle banner, when we're on Guild business we kneel to no king or queen. That's why you'll see members of every race in our halls."
I'm ready to join the Mages Guild.: "Excellent! You are now a Student of the Mages Guild! Every book you find will now earn you reputation in the guild. I suggest you begin by talking to Valaste, our Mistress of Incunabula. She often has tasks for new recruits. Good luck!"