Cynric Endell is a Breton thief and a member of the Thieves Guild in Riften.


Before joining the Guild, Cynric was a jailbreaker. In other words, he would be hired by a client to get arrested, and would either break the target prisoner out of jail or kill them. Unfortunately, during one such job, Cynric was caught, and spent three years in a High Rock prison before he was released. He promised himself that he would never do hard time again, and thus joined the Guild.


  • Cynric is voiced by Stephen Russell.
  • Cynric is also a potential supply of an infinite number of free steel arrows. Simply sit by the wall next to the central target at the archery range while he is practicing with his bow, and take the arrows from the target as he fires them.
    • If wanting to collect any other type of arrow, it is possible to pickpocket him, take his steel arrows, and then replace them with any other type of arrow. If the Dragonborn is caught in the act of pickpocketing, the "Reparations" quest may need to be completed. This is easiest when Cynric is sleeping, as he will unequip his steel arrows, allowing for a much easier pickpocket.
  • He is mentioned in the note Have Need of Cynric, where the writer needs him to break a prisoner out of Cidhna Mine.
  • Despite his reputation as a master jailbreaker, Cynric's lockpicking skill is permanently set at 15.