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For other uses, see Daedra Skin.

Daedra Skin is a House Telvanni quest, available to the Nerevarine in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.



Once the Nerevarine has returned from giving Andil the Cure Blight Disease Potions, Galos Mathendis will give the Nerevarine one final quest. The Nerevarine must deliver a sample of Daedra Skin to his master, Master Aryon.

Rare ingredientsEdit

Unfortunately no Daedra in Vvardenfell drop their skin when they are killed, so the Nerevarine will have to spend money in an alchemy shop to obtain a sample. The nearest seller to Sadrith Mora can also be found in the town, by the name of Urtiso Faryon. Once a sample has been obtained, the Nerevarine must journey to Tel Vos to give the skin to Aryon. Aryon will then proceed to reward the Nerevarine with 300GoldIcon as well as teach them the paralysis spell


Daedra Skin
IDJournal Entry
10Mouth Mallam Ryon [sic] asked me to acquire a Daedra skin and deliver it to Master Aryon in Tel Vos.
  • Quest accepted
100Master Aryon thanked me for bringing him a Daedra skin.
  • Quest Complete


  • Daedra Skin can only be obtained from one Daedra in the game, Menta Na
  • The Nerevarine's journal incorrectly states that the quest was given by Mallam Ryon instead of Mathendis.

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