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Daedric Arrow (Skyrim)

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Daedric Arrow
Base Damage:
24 DamageIcon
0 WeightIcon
Base Value:
8 GoldIcon
Class: Arrow
FormID: 000139C0
For other uses, see Daedric Arrow.

Daedric Arrows are rare weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Daedric arrows do a damage of 24, and are beaten only by Dragonbone arrows in damage.


These arrows, much like other daedric weaponry, are black with red vein-like protrusions. As with Forsworn arrows and bound arrows, Daedric Arrows have a double-pronged arrow head.


  • Daedric arrows can be found once the player reaches level 25 or higher, but are an extremely rare find.
  • Dwarven Centurions have a chance to spawn them as loot at higher levels, often 35+.
  • Nightingales may use them.
  • May be sold at any archery store upon reaching level 30 (usually Fletcher).
  • The Dremora Merchant from the Black Market power typically has them in stock every few days.
  • Can be found on high level bandits, but are an exceedingly rare find.
  • Can be found in Thief Caches in higher levels (Chance to either spawn Daedric or Ebony arrows).


As of the Dawnguard expansion, Daedric Arrows can be crafted at a blacksmith's forge in sets of 24.

The required materials to craft Daedric Arrows are:


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