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Daedric Curse is a Sorcerer active skill in the Daedric Summoning skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online. The morph, Explosive Curse, was replaced by Daedric Prey as of Update 6. [1]


Enemy is cursed for 6 seconds. When effect completes target takes 22 Magic Damage, and nearby enemies take 11 Magic Damage. Only 1 curse may be active at a time.


Unlocked at Daedric Summoning Rank 4.


Velocious CurseEdit

  • [?]

Daedric PreyEdit

  • Description: Curse an enemy with a destruction rune, dealing __ Magic Damage to the target and __ Magic Damage to all other nearby enemies after 6 seconds. While the curse is active, your pets deal an additional 55% damage to the target except the Storm Atronach which only deals an additional 40% damage. You can have only one Daedric Prey active at a time. Your pets deal additional damage to the cursed target.
  • U6Replaced Explosive Curse. [1]
  • U6: Added this morph to the game, which increases the damage your pets will do to a target affected by your curse by 20%. [1]
  • U7: This ability now increases the damage done by your pets by 55% instead of 20%. [2]


  • U2: In Update 2, several changes were made to the Daedric Summoning skill tree, and its skills. These include:
    • Your pets will now stealth with you when you initially crouch.
    • Your pets can now be given a target to attack.
    • Your pets will no longer agro other enemies while you are mounted.[3]
  • U6: Increased the single target damage for all ranks and morphs of this ability by 25%.[1]
  • U6: Increased the AoE damage from this ability by 15%.[1]
  • U6: Removed the morph Explosive Curse.[1]
  • U6: Multiple Sorcerers can now stack this ability on the same target, though you can only have one curse active at any given time.[1]
  • U7: The single target damage from this ability will no longer miss targets who are Shadow Cloaked. [2]
  • U8: This ability will be now be properly removed when the caster dies. [4]



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