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Daedric Shield is a piece of heavy armor and part of the Daedric Armor set.

Magical variantsEdit

These versions are only found as random loot and may appear starting at level 22.

Name ID GoldIcon Enchantment
Cursed Monolithic ShieldSI 00045E16 4500 Shield 20% on Self
Burden 10 pts on Self
Cursed Stormlord's ShieldSI 00045E17 4000 Shock Shield 15% on Self
Weakness to Poison 10% on Self
Dwarvenskin Shield 0002C220 3500 Fortify Block 10 pts on Self
Monolithic Shield 0002C244 4000 Shield 15% on Self
Moonshadow Shield 0002C226 3125 Light 50 Feet on Self
Shield of Animus 0002C228 10500 Reflect Spell 20% on Self
Shield of Vengeance 0002C227 6500 Reflect Damage 10% on Self
Stormlord's Shield 0002C245 3500 Shock Shield 10% on Self