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For other uses, see Daedroth.

Daedroth (Oblivion)
Basic Info
Level 14
Health-icon 280
MagickaIcon 20
Stamina 500
Spells/Abilities Fiery Breath - Fire Damage 20pts in 5ft on target.

Daedroth Shield - Shield 20pts for 45sec on self.

DamageIcon 40
Resistance 33% Resist Fire

20% Weakness to Shock

Soul Size Greater
Base ID 0002B19A
Ref ID [?]

Daedroth are creatures encountered in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. They are animalistic Daedra resembling large, bipedal alligator-like creatures. According to the book Darkest Darkness, they are minions of the Daedric Prince Molag Bal.[1]

According to Varieties of Daedra, they are "feral [and] beastlike" and "appear in the service of many different Daedric Powers, and may represent common creatures existing like wild animals in the wildernesses of Oblivion".[2]


In battle, a Daedroth prefers to slash at opponents with their mighty jaws and huge, hooked claws. They will, on rare occasion however, belch a fireball. Some have been observed using poison magic. On spotting an enemy, the Daedroth will shake itself, invoking its Shield spell, and then generally lumber toward the enemy, slashing with its claws.

This battle initiating ritual can make the Daedroth slow to react, especially when summoned close to enemies. It is a large beast and sometimes has difficulty maneuvering in tight spaces.


Note that daedroth is also the singular form of the word daedra, but is rarely used in that sense. The singular daedroth almost always refers to the creature described here and is used as both singular and plural (though the plural daedroths is also seen on occasion).

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  • Daedroth can be conjured as a summon using the expert-level Conjuration spell Summon Daedroth.
    • Summoned Daedroth do not drop Daedroth Teeth (as they, like other summoned creatures, leave no corpse). They can, however, be soul trapped.
    • On rare occasions, a Daedroth that is charging at its foes will pounce, dealing slightly more damage than its normal claw attack.



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