"The cultural narratives of Daenia are filled with tales of the lowly taking on a great quest to win the respect and accolades of those above them. It is my suspicion that the famed independent spirit of the Daenian people is an extension of this narrative of upward mobility."
Aldous Brousseau[src]

Daenia is a region/duchy located in Glenumbra, High Rock along the Iliac Bay. Daenia has two ruling capitals that govern the entire region, the cities of Daggerfall and Daenia City anchor the region from the west to the east respectively. The regional deity is Julianos.

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Daenia is one of the 23 realms located around the Iliac Bay on the High Rock side of the bay. Daenia is bordered by several other regions such as Ykalon to the north, Anticlere to the south, the Ilessan Hills to the west, Shalgora to the southwest, and Urvaius to the east. Traditionally, Daenia is bordered by only the Cambray Hills to the northeast.


Second EraEdit

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The Daggerfall Murder MysteryEdit

During the Interregnum in 2E 582, a string of strange murders have been occurring throughout the city of Daggerfall, raising suspicion throughout the Court of Daggerfall and the Knights of the Dragon. A traveler called the Vestige investigate the murders and came to the conclusion that a clan of Reachmen called the Bloodthorn Cult was responsible for the deaths and were planning on assassinating King Casimir, the leader of Daggerfall. The Vestige and Captain Aresin of the Daggerfall Guard intervened in the assassination on Casimir at Daggerfall Castle. The assassin, Verrik was a proven member of the Bloodthorn Cult, his death started a small war between the Daggerfall Covenant and the Bloodthorn Cult in the region of Glenumbra.[1][2]

Bloodthorns Poison the Wyrd TreeEdit

The Bloodthorn Cult planned to manipulate the Guardians of the Wyrd Tree, a group of Elemental Ehlnofey that are worshiped by the Beldama Wyrd. Through their influence, the denizens of the Daenia Forest attacked several settlements across the Kingdom of Daggerfall, one of the notable attacks was in the town of Deleyn's Mill. The Vestige traveled to the settlement and dealt with the group of Spriggans and Imps that terrorized the people. The Vestige traveled to the heart of the forest, the Beldama Wyrd Tree to deal with the Bloodthorn Cult from the tree. By defeating the Corruption of the Tree, the Elemental Guardians were restored, and the forest was saved. The conflict with the Bloodthorn Cult continued in the north in the Cambray Hills where Faolchu the Changeling was revived to besiege the city of Camlorn.[3][4][5][6][7]

Third EraEdit

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Daenia during the Warp in the WestEdit

During the Warp in the West in 3E 405, the Duchy of Daenia was independent among the 23 other regions in the Iliac Bay. The city of Daggerfall seceded from the Daenia duchy and formed the Kingdom of Daggerfall with the city being its capital. Later in the same year, Daenia was annexed into the Kingdom of Daggerfall.[8][9]