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Daggerfall street
Daggerfall main street
Daggerfall banner
Banner of Daggerfall
Illiac Bay
Daggerfall is located in the Iliac Bay region
Province High Rock
Region Iliac Bay
Leader King Gothryd (3E 403)
For other uses, see Daggerfall.

Daggerfall is one of the oldest and largest cities in High Rock and has long been considered its capital. It is also the capital of the Kingdom of Daggerfall, one of the largest city-states of the Iliac Bay, alongside Orsinium, Sentinel, and Wayrest. In 3E 401, the city of Daggerfall had a population of over 110,000.[1]


There is a number of legends considering Daggerfall's name. By tradition, it is said that Daggerfall refers to the knife the first chieftain threw to form the borders of his lands.[1]


Early historyEdit

Archaeological evidence suggests that some form of human settlement had existed in the area of Daggerfall at least 1000 years before recorded history.[1]

First EraEdit

The first recorded use of the name Daggerfall for the area around the current city was in 1E 246, when Nords, who conquered all of modern High Rock, performed a census of population and livestock—the Book of Life.

"North of the Highest bluffs, south of the moors, west of the hills, and east of the sea is called DAGGERFALL. 110 men, 93 women, 13 children under 8 years of age, 58 cows, 7 bulls, 63 chickens, 11 cocks, 38 hogs live here."
Book of Life, page 933 [1]

Daggerfall thrived during the years of the Nordic occupancy. However in 1E 369, Skyrim was ripped apart by the War of Succession and the Nords lost all of their territory outside of Skyrim. The Iliac Bay had become strategically important, and Daggerfall began to expand militarily.[1]

Daggerfall took part in the Direnni conflicts against the Alessian Order and had become a minor Direnni base of operations. Raven Direnni, the enchantress whose magic helped to secure the final victory over the Alessians in the Glenumbra Moors, was one of the first occupants of Castle Daggerfall.[1]

In 1E 609, King Thagore of Daggerfall defeated the army of Glenpoint. This allowed the Daggerfall to become the preeminent economic, cultural, and military force in southern High Rock. That position the kingdom has precariously kept ever since.[1]

Roughly 370 years after the war against Glenpoint, Daggerfall allied with the recently formed kingdom of Sentinel and the Order of Diagna to wage war against the Orcs and their kingdom of Orsinium.[1] During the war, in 1E 973, an army was lead to Orsinium by King Joile. He, however, decided that this was a perfect opportunity to strike his temporal allies, Sentinel, unprepared. In the Battle of Bankorai Pass in the Wrothgarian Mountains King Joile met an unexpected resistance. His army was crushed by a band of Maidens of the Spirit Blade. During the battle Joile was killed by a second level Ansei, Makela Leki.[2]

The fall of Orsinium made the river route to the Iliac Bay much more accessible, thus the tiny village of Wayrest started to grow, eventually becoming a major trading power of the Iliac Bay. Daggerfall's monopoly over sea trade came to an end.[1]

During the last few centuries of the First Era Daggerfall and its population suffered heavily as a result of the Thrassian Plague, War of Righteousness and the First Akaviri Invasion.[1]

Second EraEdit

Second Era was a tapestry of wars, insurrections, and plagues. Daggerfall, Sentinel, and Wayrest continued to expand and improve their military and economic positions in the Bay. Daggerfall lost its position as the major trading centre of the Bay to Wayrest, and Daggerfall and Sentinel likewise bandied over which was the superior military power.[1]

Arkan was a Scribe of Daggerfall in 2E 24.[3]

Third EraEdit

In 3E 80, the King of Daggerfall is Mortyn, and before that Daggerfall was ruled by King Gothlyr.[4]

In the third century of the Third Era, Daggerfall, Sentinel, and Wayrest combined their armies against Camoran Usurper.[1]

In 3E 404, Lord Mogref of Betony asked King Lysandus of Daggerfall for protection against pirates. King Camaron of Sentinel declared war on Daggerfall, citing an old contract that suggested Betony was a holding of the Kingdom of Sentinel. King Lysandus was killed in battle at Cryngaine Field, and his son Gothryd, who was crowned King of Daggerfall just behind battle lines, defeated King Camaron, ending the conflict known as War of Betony.[5][6]

In 3E 405, the Emperor Uriel Septim VII sent his agent, the Hero of Daggerfall, to uncover the conspiracy behind King Lysanduss death and to put his spirit back to rest.

After the Warp in the West, Kingdom of Daggerfall enlarged greatly, conquering most of southern High Rock up to Anticlere and Ykalon.[7]


Pgtte v3 map high-rock

Daggerfall is located in the province of High Rock

Daggerfall is located at the southern end of the province of High Rock. It takes its place on the very cape of the large peninsula separating the Iliac Bay from the Eltheric Ocean. This position has ensured Daggerfall's success in trade in early and middle First Era.

Prior to the Warp in the West, the Kingdom of Daggerfall bordered Tulune, Glenpoint, Ilessan Hills, and Shalgora. However, it's most known for conflicts with such Iliac Bay cities as Orsinium, Wayrest, and Sentinel. South of Daggerfall lies little island of Betony which caused a great war during the Third Era.

Points of interestEdit

The city of Daggerfall is a walled city. Castle Daggerfall is located in the northeastern part of the city. The main street stretches from the Castle to the southern city walls. The city cemetery is located in the southwestern part of the city. Knights of the Dragon, the knightly order of Daggerfall, have two garrisons in the city — one to the east and one to the west of the main street, both of which are located in the northern part of Daggerfall. A market with a bank, a weaponsmith, an armorer, a general store, an alchemist, a clothier, a bookstore, and three taverns is located in the very center of the city, a bit west of the main street. The Temple of Kynareth is located in the center of the city, west of the market. Fighters Guild and Mages Guild are both present in Daggerfall, with the Mages' Guildhall located to the southwest, a bit west of the cemetery, and the Fighters' Guildhall north of the Temple of Kynareth and southwest of the western Knights of the Dragon garrison.

Points of Interest in Daggerfall
Type Names Count
Castle Daggerfall
Dark Brotherhood 1
Fighters Guild 1
Mages Guild 1
Thieves Guild 1
Knightly Order Knights of the Dragon 2
Temple Temple of Kynareth 1
Alchemists The Emperor's Potions
Mordard's Spices
Vintage Elixirs
Armorers Daggerfall Mail
Daggerfall Metalworks
Theodyn's General Smithy
Vintage Smith
Banks Bank of Daggerfall 3
Bookstores The Adventurer's Book Dealer
Bargain Bookstore
The King's Bookstore (x2)
The Superior Bookstall
Clothing Stores Daggerfall's Best Tailoring 1
General Stores Andywyr's Quality Equipment Store
Bedoryan's Quality Retail Store
Daggerfall's Best Equipment Store
Dunyctor's Quality Market
Gondastyr's Quality General Store
Lady Theodyctor's Retail Store
Mordard's General Market
Mordyrick's Quality Supply Store
Peryrick's Finest Warehouse
Gem Stores The Emperor's Jewelers
Lady Andywyr's Jewelry Shop
The Odd Bijoutry
Libraries Daggerfall Lyceum 1
Pawn Shops Daggerfall's Best Pawnbrokers
Doctor Theodard's Pawnbrokers
Edwyn's General Pawnbrokers
The Emperor's Hockshop
The King's Hockshop
The Superior Used Merchandise
Weapon Smiths The Odd Blades 1
Residences 249
Taverns The Bat and Wolf
The Beaver and Bird
The Beaver and Castle
The Black Dungeon
The Black Wolf
The Dead Griffin
The Dirty Goat
The Dwarf and Priest
The Feather and Goat
The Flying Dragon
The Fox and Bird
The King's Fairy
The Lucky Wolf
The Lynx and Barbarian
The Mole and Mug
The Red Poprcupine
The Restless Djinn
The Thirsty Muskrat
The Toad and Wolf
The White Muskrat




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