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The dagger is a light, One-Handed weapon with a short blade, hilt, and handle that is found in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Even though daggers do not do as much damage per hit as other One-Handed weapons like the sword, mace, or war axe, the dagger's attack speed is faster, allowing the wielding character to be more nimble and making the dagger a very suitable weapon for the stealthy.


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The dagger, being the smallest of the wield-able weapon, is the weakest one to use for blocking, since weapons larger than the blocking weapon will force damage through, i.e. a Greatsword will easily penetrate a dagger's block although some damage is still absorbed by the dagger.

Name DamageIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon Upgrade
Inducer's Scalpel
Bloodthorn Dagger
The Laughing Blade - received for defeating Falarel the Jester.