"One of the new servants? Remember that I like my meat rare."


Dagny is a Nord child found in Dragonsreach.


She is the daughter of Balgruuf the Greater. She has two brothers, Frothar and her half-brother Nelkir.


Like the other children of Balgruuf the Greater, Dagny seems to have a rather spoiled personality, which is evident in the comments she makes about the sweetrolls of the city and how she may assume the Dragonborn is a servant.


Dagny's dressEdit

Dagny: "I'm so angry, I can hardly stand it! Father promised me a new dress days ago, now where is it?"
Frothar: "It takes a while to make a dress, Dagny. You have to be patient."
Dagny: "But I don't want to be patient! I want my dress right now! Father promised!"
Frothar: "All you ever do is complain about what you want. You're a spoiled baby."
Dagny: "I'm going to tell father you said that. He'll tan your hide for sure!"