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Dancing is a feature in The Elder Scrolls Online. By using the slash command /dance, the Vestige is able to use the dancing emote. Each gender of each race has a different style of dancing.


Race and Gender Description Photo
Male Altmer
Female Altmer
Male Argonian
Female Argonian

Male Bosmer

This dance involves mostly arm movements and clapping.
Female Bosmer This dance seems reminiscent of traditional Hawaiian Hula dancing.
Male Breton
Female Breton
Male Dunmer
Female Dunmer
Male Imperial
Dance Imperial M
Female Imperial A lively assortment of sidesteps, side kicks, and hand movements.
Dance Imperial F-0
Male Khajiit
Female Khajiit
Male Nord
Female Nord
Male Orsimer
Female Orsimer
Male Redguard
Female Redguard


ESO - All Races Dances03:55

ESO - All Races Dances

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