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"Be warned. I do not tolerate fools."
―Dandras Vules[src]

Dandras Vules is a Dunmer Assassin and the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.[1] Dandras can be found in Moril Manor North Building.


Hunt the Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Dandras Vules is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood hiding in the ruins of Old Mournhold. After an assassin attacked the Nerevarine back in Vvardenfell, they are trying to find out why they were attacked, eventually locating the group's hideout and killing Vules. He carries A Dark Brotherhood Contract, which asks for the Nerevarine's assassination.



"You would dare enter the lair of the Dark Brotherhood? Very well. We will complete our mission here and now. A speedy death to you, [PC Name]." (attacks)

"No...tell my liege...I have...failed h...." (dies)



  1. Journal Entry during the quest "Hunt the Dark Brotherhood"

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