Not to be confused with Danel Indaren.
"You must be here to learn a craft, yes? Your alliance covers my considerable fees, allowing me to impart my knowledge at no cost to you. If you prove yourself, I'll certify you as competent to fulfill crafting writs."
―Danel Telleno[src]

Danel Telleno is a Dunmer mage, and a member of the Mages Guild. He may be located at several cities during the Mages Guild questline, those being Davon's Watch, Daggerfall, and Vulkhel Guard. He may even be found in the Foundation's Rising marketplace of Vivec City, where he is speaking to Millenith, or standing in a corner in the city's Mages Guildhall. He is a professor, and may improve the Vestige's level on various crafting skills.


According to Danel, decades before the Planemeld, he was a renowned Chef in Cyrodii. He had an exclusive contracr to provide Mages Guild in all their travels, providing foos and drink that wouldn't spoil when carried through portals.


  • "Broiling fish, forging glyphs, or mixing potions - its all recipes and ingredients. I proved the theory when I joined the ranks of the Mages Guild. Mastered both crafts within three years. Not that I'm bragging."
  • "At times I wonder if I should have remained a chef rather than join the Mage Guild. Perhaps I'd have served the Emperor. "Served" ... a jest, you see? But I have no regrets. Mastery of the three crafts is its own reward."


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