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Danica Pure-Spring

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Danica Pure-Spring
Danica Pure-Spring
Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 6
Class Priestess
Faction Whiterun
Rank Priestess of Kynareth
Services Skill Trainer: Restoration
Ref ID 0001A69F
Base ID 00013BA5
"These are trying times for us all, I know. Many come to the Temple of Kynareth to pray, and I assist them, as best as I'm able."
―Danica Pure-Spring[src]

Danica Pure-Spring is a Nord priestess and healer of Kynareth found at the Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun.


The Blessings of NatureEdit

She sends the Dragonborn to retrieve Nettlebane from Orphan Rock. With the dagger, the Dragonborn is to cut the Eldergleam Tree and bring Eldergleam Sap back to Danica. Thenceforward, she offers Master-level training in Restoration.

Hired MuscleEdit

The Companions may ask the Dragonborn to intimidate her. After some brawling, she surrenders.

She will grieve over the death of Acolyte Jenssen should he die.

Idgrod's NoteEdit

Idgrod the Younger tasks the Dragonborn with delivering a letter to Danica, concerning the health of her brother. Danica has been providing potions to aid his condition.


The GildergreenEdit

Maurice: "What is it... what has happened to the Gildergreen? I have traveled long here to worship beneath its branches."
Danica: "It was taken by a lightning strike. Wish I had time to deal with it, but it's hard enough with all these wounded from the war."
Maurice: "Please, don't just let it stay like this. It's disgraceful."
Danica: "I really don't have time to deal with you right now. Please just let me get back to my work."
Maurice: "But this is supposed to be your work."


  • "Hello, child of Kynareth."
  • "Lately, it seems, I am more nurse than priestess, tending those who have suffered, both in mind and body, from this terrible war."
  • "These are trying times for us all, I know. Many come to the Temple of Kynareth to pray, and I assist them, as best as I'm able."
  • "Grace of Kynareth be with you."
  • "Travel great Skyrim, and Kynareth travels with you."


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