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"My Hero!"

DarMa quote

Dar-Ma is an Argonian sharpshooter and the only daughter of Seed-Neeus. She often helps her mother at Northern Goods and Trade in Chorrol. When traveling she makes use of a Paint Horse named Blossom. She also wrote Dar-Ma's Diary.


Shadow Over HackdirtEdit

In the quest, Dar-Ma is kidnapped while trading and almost used as a sacrifice. Once the Hero completes the quest, Dar-Ma's disposition to them will be 100. Dar-Ma keeps a diary which she loses at Moslin's Inn after being kidnapped, in which Dar-Ma refers to her self as "Dar."


  • "Dar," the term by which Dar-Ma indicates herself as in her diary, is also a Khajiit naming prefix meaning "Thief," or "Clever."


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