"Can you use that weapon, friend? I need your help."
―Darj the Hunter[src]

Darj the Hunter is a Nord initially living in Bleakrock Village. Him and the rest of the residents were forced to leave the island when Daggerfall Covenant forces ransacked the village.

Once he safely reached Bal Foyen, he decided to join the Ebonheart Pact like many of the other refugees.


What Waits BeneathEdit

The Missing of BleakrockEdit

Escape from BleakrockEdit

The Daggerfall Covenant has assaulted Bleakrock Village. Captain Rana sent the surviving refugees to Last Rest, a tomb near the town. Rana and I must clear a path through the tomb for the refugees. The Vestige needs to enter the tomb.

Zeren in PerilEdit


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  • Darj may run past the Vestige and never offer a quest.