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Dark Brotherhood Initiate Male

The Dark Brotherhood Initiates are skilled assassins that show up in the Dawnstar Sanctuary after the Dragonborn successfully murders Titus Mede II and speaks to Delvin Mallory about repairs. There are both male and female versions of the initiate.

The Dragonborn can ask an initiate to follow them as a helper, they can follow commands, hold items and so forth. Their default weapon is a one handed dagger. There are usually two initiates available at one time.

Multiple followersEdit

Main article: Multiple Followers
"The new initiates are working out well. Eager, dedicated, and not afraid to get their hands wet."

The Dark Brotherhood Initiate is one of the quest characters that can be exploited to follow the Dragonborn throughout Skyrim along with another follower. Also, using this to the player's advantage, it is possible to have two essential followers. For example, the Dark Brotherhood Initiate and Mjoll the Lioness, both cannot be killed by anything.


"How may I serve you, my Listener?"
―Dark Brotherhood Initiate
"Yes, Listener. I'll return to the Dawnstar sanctuary without delay."
―Dark Brotherhood Initiate when prompted to part ways
"What the?"
―Dark Brotherhood Initiate when in a building or being bumped into.
"Of course, Listener."
―Dark Brotherhood Initiate when commanded to do something
―When the Initiate is run into
"Oh but you seem to already have assistance ... surely you mean to remain inconspicuous."
―Dark Brotherhood Initiate when asked to follow you when you already have a follower.
"And you thought I was just a pretty face?"
―Female initiate when fighting.
"Huh? What? Oh! That felt nice!"
―Female initiate when being healed.



  • Dark Brotherhood Initiates are unable to be killed. They are essential characters, which means they will fall to their knees when their health has been depleted and then get back up even if they are hit again while they're down.
  • The Initiate will sometimes not equip better armor than their default Shrouded Armor, but will wear other armor. They will also switch to the Ancient Shrouded Armor if given to them.
  • Dark Brotherhood Initiates are the only followers in the base game, other than J'zargo, that will level with the Dragonborn above level 50.
  • Unlike other followers, Initiates will not fire an infinite amount of any one equipped arrow. To get an initiate to use a bow they must be given arrows.
  • Their default weapon is an ebony dagger.
  • As with all other unkillable allies, the Dark Brotherhood Initiate will not accept Kinect "Ally" commands.
  • There is an analogous type of follower, known as "Dark Brotherhood Murderer" available to the Listener in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


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  • They may lose all the equipment given to them if the Dragonborn is sent to jail or dismisses the Initiate.


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