"Listener! I am a new initiate to the Dark Brotherhood, just a lowly Murderer, but if there's any way I can serve you, any way at all, I am yours!"
―Dark Brotherhood Murderer[src]

Dark Brotherhood Murderer quote

Dark Brotherhood Murderers are new members that appear at the end of the Dark Brotherhood questline. Arquen will tell the Listener that she has begun recruiting new members to the Cheydinhal Sanctuary. There are three in all: a Khajiit male, a Breton female, and an Imperial male.


The Listener may command any of the Murderers to become a Follower by speaking to them, though only one can follow at a time. The Listener can talk to them again and order them to follow normally, remain stealthed, or wait in one spot. They can also be dismissed and sent back to the Sanctuary.


All Dark Brotherhood Murderers wear Shrouded Armor.

Each Murderer has a different loadout and class that will suit the Listener more depending on their preferred method of play: