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Dark Cult in Hassour is a Tribunal Temple quest available to the Nerevarine, during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Speak with Tuls Valen.
  2. Head to Hassour.
  3. Return to Valen.


Having risen to the rank of Disciple in the Tribunal Temple and completed the "Pilgrimage to Maar Gan", Tuls Valen will give the Nerevarine a final quest to complete. He tells the Nerevarine that a Cult is inhabiting the cave of Hassour and must be destroyed.

Hassour's Dark CultEdit

The cave of Hassour can be found to the southwest of the Moonmoth Legion Fort. Inside the cave there will be a variety of creatures associated with the Sixth House, including a Greater Bonewalker. The leader of the Cult, Dagoth Fovon, must be killed in order to complete the quest and destroy the Cult. Once the Cult has been destroyed, the Nerevarine must return to Valen to complete the quest. Valen will then inform the Nerevarine that they must find a new quest giver within the Temple.


Dark Cult in Hassour
IDJournal Entry
10Tuls Valen asked me to investigate a dark cult in Hassour. To get there I should head east from Balmora, past Fort Moonmoth and into the Foyada Mamaea. I should follow the foyada all the way south.
  • Quest accepted
 50 I have slain the dark and powerful Dagoth Fovon.
 100 Tuls Valen thanked me for being the instrument of the Temple's justice in Hassour.
  • Quest complete


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