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Dark Minion

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Dark Minion
Dark Minion
Race Dunmer
Gender Male
Level PC-2
Class Nightblade
Faction Dark Brotherhood
Services Provides gold and items
Ref ID xx000E1C
Base ID xx000E1B
The Dark Minion is a Dunmer who can be hired from Rowley Eardwulf for Deepscorn Hollow along with his quarters.


The Hero can send him out at any time to murder in the name of Sithis, and he will return in 4 days and deposit the loot of his victims in the Victim's Loot Chest in his quarters.

Once he has done that, you can send him out again. Note that he only comes back once they have entered Deepscorn Hollow 4 days after they sent him out. There is also a chance the Dark Minion will fail his mission. This however does not mean he has died, and will shortly return to the hollow. Also the more they send him out the worse the loot gets till one raise a level.


  • When one sends him out to "murder in the name of Sithis," he will add one infamy to them when he returns. This is regardless of whether he succeeded or failed his mission.
  • The Dark Minion has a twisted artistic side to him: if the player looks at the painting in his room, they will see it has been smeared with blood. A torso lies close by, the source of blood. This torso disappears when the Dark Minion is out murdering someone. One may find him walking about the Hollow, boxing in his room, sleeping, farming in the venom garden (if they have taken ingredients from there) or praying at the Shrine of Sithis.
  • He also appears to be a vampire.


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