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Dark Seducers, also known as Mazken, are Daedric servants of Sheogorath. They can be found protecting the Shivering Isles region of Dementia. Along with patrolling the streets of Crucible, these Daedric servants involve themselves highly in the protection of New Sheoth, where the Madgod takes up residence.


They are the sworn defenders of Sheogorath, as are the Golden Saints or Aureals, and share a rivalry with them, often clashing at the mere sight of one another. They defend the Dementia side of the Shivering Isles and the city Crucible.

The name Dark Seducer is partly ironic, as with the Golden Saints, since they can seldom be considered seductive beyond appearance. Their common greeting is "Madgod's blessings." and their common parting is "Walk with our Lord."

The Dark Seducers are recognized as creatures throughout the game but are also humanoid. This means if one were to cast a control spell, one would have to use a spell that affects humanoids. Like most people they only gain respect for the Hero as they progress through the main storyline in the Isles, and eventually possess unhindered loyalty to them towards the climax of the story.

Weapons and ArmorEdit

The armament of the Dark Seducers consists of maces, bows, shortswords, longswords and war axes. Their weapons, just like Madness and Amber, are graded. Their weapon statistics are still very low and, even with the highest grade, better for display rather than use.

Their armor is classified as light armor and is only obtainable through the quest "The Helpless Army," where one must secure Pinnacle Rock for the Dark Seducers or Brellach for the Golden Saints, depending on the choices one made earlier before the quest.




  • Males seem to be looked down upon, and seem to be of lower rank than their female comrades.
  • The difference between a regular Dark Seducer and a captain can be noticed by observing their helmets. If the helmet has a bluish-green jewel on each section, then she is a captain.