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Dark Seducer Helmet is a piece of Light Armor and part of the Dark Seducer Armor set in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.

Level Base Value Weight Base Armor Health Armor ID
1-2 0GoldIcon 1WeightIcon 2ArmorIcon 4Health-icon 0007EB0F
3-5 0GoldIcon 1.5WeightIcon 2.5ArmorIcon 80Health-icon 0007EB10
6-9 0GoldIcon 1.8WeightIcon 3ArmorIcon 120Health-icon 0007EB11
10-14 0GoldIcon 2.2WeightIcon 3.5ArmorIcon 200Health-icon 0007EB12
15-19 0GoldIcon 2.6WeightIcon 4ArmorIcon 350Health-icon 0007EB13
20+ 0GoldIcon 3WeightIcon 5ArmorIcon 500Health-icon 0007EB14