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Not to be confused with Darkshade Caverns.

Darkshade is a cave in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


Darkshade is a troll cave just east of Valtheim Towers along the White River, right at water level. It is home to several trolls scattered through several big chambers.

Judging by the corpses, human bones and blood splatters at the entrance, the trolls seem to have cleared out the bandits who were using the cave as their hideout. The tools and equipment scattered throughout the interior indicate that Darkshade may have once been a mine.

Notable itemsEdit

  • Heavy Armor skill book How Orsinium Passed to the Orcs, on the top of a bedroll with an iron mace beside it, in the largest chamber with the waterfall.
  • Two gold veins are in the cave, as well as another gold vein just outside.
    • One vein to the right side of the hall, after the first room, on the overhang.
    • One vein to the right of the waterfall, underneath the overhang.
  • A chest with leveled loot.
  • A Locked (Novice) chest with leveled loot.




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