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Darkstride is a named equipment set found in The Elder Scrolls Online. Owners must actively wear three set pieces to receive a special bonus enhancement and five set pieces to receive the full Set Enhancement. Item values, level, and stats vary from item to item and are influenced by character skills, magical bonuses, and decay. 

Set EnhancementEdit

  • 2 Items: Add 967 Max Stamina
  • 3 Items: Add 967 Max Stamina.
  • 4 Items: Add 129 Stamina Recovery

(5 Items) Darkstride:

  • Reduces Stamina cost for Sprinting or Crouching by 50%.

Set ItemsEdit

  • Darkstride Belt (Waist) (Medium Armor)
  • Darkstride Bracers (Hand) (Medium Armor)
  • Darkstride Helmet (Head) (Medium Armor)
  • Darkstride Jack (Chest) (Medium Armor)
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  • This set is an overland set, and can be found in Rivenspire.

Unique ItemsEdit


Quest Rewards:

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