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Darksun Shield

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Darksun Shield
MW Ebony Shield
Armor Type Shield
Value 17,000
Weight 30.00
Base Armor 60
Armor Health 1,200
Additional Effects Drain Magicka
Restore Fatigue
Enchantment Value 1,000
Armor Class Heavy Armor
Item ID darksun_shield_unique
Main article: Shields (Morrowind)

Darksun Shield is a unique heavy shield used by Ano Vando, who can be found roaming outdoors in the city of Ald'ruhn. If equipped by a vampire it rapidly damages the wielder's health and the following message is received:

You feel a searing pain on your arm as you equip the shield. A voice screams out in your mind, "This is not for your kind, Dark One."


Enchantment ID: darksun_en

All effects are constant on self:


Ano Vando can only be found during The Vampire Hunter quest, which is available exclusively to a vampire Nerevarine who is a member of Clan Aundae. This shield is otherwise unavailable during regular gameplay.

On the PC it can also be acquired by using the console command:
Player -> AddItem "darksun_shield_unique" 1

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