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Darkwater Pass

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Cave  Darkwater Pass
Darkwatter pass north
Darkwater pass map
Hold The Rift
Location East of High Hrothgar
Type Cave
Sublocations None
Quests Wind and Sand
Characters Derkeethus
Enemies Falmer


Location ID DarkwaterCavernUpperExterior

Darkwater Pass is a cave located in The Rift.


It can be found by traveling from Windhelm to Fort Amol, and from there following the path southward to Darkwater Crossing. The entrance can be found next to a waterfall roughly southwest of the Crossing.

From the settlement of Darkwater Crossing itself, cross the bridge west of town and turn right. Before crossing the next bridge, turn around. A mountain path heading up to the right path leads to the waterfall.

A much more dangerous, but much quicker route would be going northwest from Rift Watchtower to Snapleg Cave, then following the compass marker north while scaling down the large drop. The Become Ethereal shout makes this very easy and fast if used correctly.


The cave appears to have once been used as a tomb, and several Burial Urns containing the usual loot can be found throughout the cave.

In a side room on the left is an Arcane Enchanter.

To find the lever to meet Derkeethus, stand on the cage above his cell and turn North-East. In a small crevice in the North-Eastern wall there is a Lever that lowers the door to allow access to him. Once Derkeethus has been freed, he is a possible follower. Once freed and escorted outside, he will run back to the Crossing.

There are two tripwires linked to 'claw' traps here.


Wind and SandEdit

Darkwater Pass is one of the locations in which the book Wind and Sand may be located.

Notable itemsEdit

  • A chest is located behind the small waterfall adjacent to the main entrance.
  • On the way to the large waterfall, there is a silver ore vein on a side bank of the stream, and iron ore right next to it.
  • Another chest can be found just inside on the right.
  • Following the cavern round to the left, a Falmer chest is located under the large waterfall.
  • Another chest is well hidden amongst the undergrowth at the bottom of the wooden spiral staircase next to Derkeethus' cell.
  • The skill book Catalogue of Weapon Enchantments can be found on top of the Arcane Enchanter.
  • Another well hidden Falmer chest can be found behind the arcane enchanter. It contains Orcish armor and other random, leveled loot.
  • A skeleton is found at the bottom of the river, with random loot.
  • Another skeleton is at the bottom of the lake outside the exit door, wearing a leveled, (random enchanted), helmet, as well as a leveled shield and boots nearby.


  • Entering via the doors closest to the Crossing, several Slaughterfish can be found in the illuminated pool. At least six more can be found in the small lake outside the upper entrance.
  • Chaurus Eggs (10+)
  • Glowing Mushrooms



  • If Ralof is followed in the quest "Unbound", afterwards, he tells Gerdur he was captured near Darkwater Pass.


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