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Daughter of Giants is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online.


The Prophet has contacted the Vestige across great distances and summons him to come to the Harborage for some important purpose.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Go to the Harborage.
  2. Talk to the Prophet.
  3. Enter Coldharbour.
  4. Talk to Lyris.
  5. Advance into the Foundry.
  6. Settle Lyris's Regret.
  7. Advance into the Foundry.
  8. Assuage Lyris's Solitude.
    1. The Vestige has found Lyris's armor. They need to give it to her and see if it helps.
  9. Advance into the Foundry.
  10. Resolve Lyris's Uncertainty.
  11. Talk to Lyris.
  12. Go to the rock wall.
    1. There is a rock wall nearby that Lyris has suggested she can break down.
  13. Advance into the Foundry.
  14. Investigate the Chamber.
    1. The Vestige should talk with Lyris and make sure she is alright.
  15. Advance into the Foundry.
  16. Vanquish Lyris's Terror.
  17. Escape the Foundry of Woe.
  18. Watch the Exchange.
  19. Talk to the Prophet.


The Vestige have been contacted by the Prophet to meet him in the Harborage to save Lyris Titanborn from Coldharbour. Once the they are in the Harborage, find the Prophet and talk to him. He speaks in riddles as usual as fate speaks in riddles. He has finally located Lyris in Coldharbour, in the Foundry of Woe. She was moved there after taking his place in the Wailing Prison. She is forced to work a terrible forge for Molag Bal and her soul is in great danger. He will open a gate for the Vestige to enter, they must go quickly.

After asking the Prophet more questions to learn more, enter the gateway to Oblivion. Follow the marker to find Lyris standing by a large table. She is surprised to see the Vestige and thinks it's a trick but is reassured when she hears the Prophet has sent them to rescue her. She wants them to leave, she can't she says, as they have taken everything from her, the memories, the feelings, the willpower, they've been fragmented. All the fragments have been locked away in different parts of the Foundry. She feels empty and can't face anyone. The Vestige assures her they'll retrieve them and face them on the way out.

Settle Lyris's regretEdit

Daughter of GiantsRegret

Lyris's regret

Advance into the Foundry, to help Lyris with her regret. She has deep regrets about leaving home and never resolving issues with her father. The Vestige needs to unfetter her from this shackle. After exploring what seems to be altars, a ghostly figure appear. Go and talk to him, the figure tell then revealed to be Gjalder, Lyris's father. He asks the Vestige why Lyris walks with them. He proceeds to tells the story of how his spirit was torn from its rest and brought here where the Daedra forced him to experience his murder again and again. Explain that they're using him to keep her shackled to Coldharbour. She blames herself for his death. Move away and let Lyris speak to her father.

Assuage Lyris's solitudeEdit

Daughter of GiantsArmor

Lyris's armor found

Continue further in to help with her solitude. Lyris always felt alone everywhere she went. Oblivion seems to have constructed a mockery of an event in her life, where Imperial troops would mock her and steal her armor. Soon they will come upon an Imperial camp, and inside a crate the Vestige will find Lyris's armor. Sneak around so the soldiers won't detect them. Bring the armor back to Lyris and she is happy she has her armor again. A warrior without her armor is like a bear without claws. A great deal of her confidence has now come back.

Resolve Lyris's uncertaintyEdit

Fighting daedra on the way, continue to advance into the Foundry. Next another spirit appear. It is the spirit of Abnur Tharn, let Lyris speak to him. Behind him is her weapon, a mighty axe, on a small mound, and when approaching to retrieve it a Clannfear materializes. After defeating the creature, give the axe to Lyris. She also have something to say. Abnur Tharn was trying to help her, but she doesn't trust him and never will. She doesn't know why he wanted to help but it's odd she says. The blind hatred she felt... he was right, that hatred was poisoning her. She feels better and stronger now. Next they need to go forward but the passage is blocked but Lyris thinks she can break through it. After breaking through, Lyris feel almost like herself again.

Prison of EchoesEdit

Daughter of GiantsSaiSahan

Lyris and Sai Sahan

Fighting Ogrim on the way, continue further into the Foundry until they come to a chamber. Inside are skeletons hanging from the ceiling and in some large containers round the room. In the middle is a large bowl and appearing above is a ghostly spirit. Lyris walks over and speaks with the ghost who seems to be tortured. Talk to her after and ask if everything is alright. She tells the Vestige that it was the spirit of Sai Sahan. He's a friend of Lyris and they must hurry to find him and get him out of there. The Prophet must be told, he knows what to do but first they must find a way out of the Foundry.

Vanquish Lyris's terrorEdit

Advance further in, Lyris's growing terror is being made manifest. They must defeat whatever challenge that lies ahead and escape. They reach another large area with the manifestation of terror in the middle. Slaves are working on large machines around it. Defeat the terror so Lyris can reclaim her memories and then go through the portal out of Oblivion the Prophet has opened.

The HarborageEdit


The Prophet conversing with Lyris after her escape

Back in the Harborage, speak to the Prophet after Lyris to hear what he has to say and what to do next. He is happy Lyris is back but she needs to recover from her ordeal. Let him know they saw a projection of Sai Sahan. He doesn't know where he is held, but Mannimarco is torturing him. He wants the Amulet of Kings. The Prophet says they must locate Sai before Mannimarco forces him to reveal the hiding place of the amulet. It's also strange that Abnur tried to help as he had firmly aligned with Mannimarco.

But right now the Prophet needs to meditate, to locate Sai Sahan. Until then, embrace the unknowable he says. The drops of water cannot know themselves to be a river, yet the river flows on. He will call on the Vestige when the time is right.




  • Throughout the quest, the Vestige will hear Lyris telling stories of her past before she became one of the Five Companions.


This section contains bugs related to Daughter of Giants. Before adding a bug to this list, consider the following:

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  •  PC   A bug occurred on PC where sometimes Lyris would not pick up her axe. This bug was reported completed in Patch 2.2.9 [1]


  1. The Elder Scrolls Online. 12 January, 2016. Pc Patch Notes: Version 2.2.9

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