"What can I do for you?"
―Davilia Ralas[src]

Davilia Ralas is a Dunmer enchanter first found in her shop Singing Shards, in Davon's Watch. After the Hollow City is restored, she opens the Exceptional Enchants store there.


Davon's WatchEdit

"What can I do for you?"

Can you tell me about enchanting?: "Of course! Enchanting is the art of empowerment. We gather runes found throughout the world and use our special instruments to assemble them into glyphs. These glyphs can be used to magically enhance worn or wielded items."
So I'll have to find all these runes in the wild?: "Not exactly. Runes can be extracted from glyphs you find while adventuring. It's a delicate process, so you'll have to return to one of our work stations to proceed. Note that the glyph will be destroyed in the process. Unfortunate, but necessary."
So how exactly do glyphs work?: "Glyphs are assembled by combining three different runes. Potency runes determine the glyph's strength. Aspect affects the glyph's quality. Finally, the Essence rune decides the glyph's effect. It's a delicate art best learned by doing. Good luck."

Hollow CityEdit

"Enchanting requires concentration and precision, but I'm just not feeling like myself today."

You look a little out of sorts: "And with good reason! Someone left a dead skeever on my doorstep! If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was that Khajiit blade merchant. She has been acting rather strange since we got here."
Strange? How so?: "Well, she comes around and sniffs my hair. Brushes her fur up against me. She even did this thing where she bumped her forehead against mine and purred. Strange things like that."
Maybe she likes you: "What? No! That's ridiculous... isn't it? She is kind of cute, though. Sort of like a big kitten. Maybe I'll see if she wants to join me for dinner–as long as she doesn't bring me anymore dead animals!"