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Not to be confused with Mythic Dawn.

Dawnguard may refer to:

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  • Where can I kill a lot of enemies for the werewolf/vampire perks?

    7 messages
    • Possibly caves filled with bandits. I wanted to feed as while affected with Sanguinare Vampirism, that was my choice.
    • bandit camps, forts not used in the civil war, somone mentioned karthspire, maybe necromancer caves as some enemies ge revived and you can k...
  • I've lost Serana... Where has she gone?

    15 messages
    • I've done this befor: told her to wait somewhere and when I com back she disapears. Go to fort Dawnguard. As you enter through the m...
    • wrote:I cant find her within the fort, where is she? do you have the spell detect dead? also check the shadows of the fort ...