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Not to be confused with Mythic Dawn.

Dawnguard may refer to one of the following:

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  • Which is better? Vampire or Vampire Hunters?

    5 messages
    • The people in the Dawnguard are definately more powerful than vampires... No question.
    • In my first playthrough i choose the Dawnguard, i think both sides are good to side with but if you choose the vampire side you can have your ...
  • Dawn Guard or Volkihar?

    112 messages
    • wrote:I have the burning skies mod, I morph into a full fledged dragon at will. with full control and all the abilities of ...
    • Dawnguard for warrior, Volkihar for mages and assassins. As for the questlines themselves, I prefer Volkihar. (I HAVE completed the quest lines...

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