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Dawnguard Armor (Light Armor Set)
Durak 03
Base Armor:
61 (Set) ArmorIcon
10.5 (Set) WeightIcon
Base Value:
365 (Set) GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
Wearing a full set grants a 25% resistance against Vampire attacks, including the Vampiric Drain attack.
Class: Light Armor
Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot
Perk: Advanced Armors
ID: -

Dawnguard Armor is a light armor set found in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It is worn by several members of the Dawnguard, an order of vampire hunters.


The chest piece comes in three different variants:

  • A dark brown version with long sleeves and no pauldrons, worn by Isran. Attached to the chain belt in the back, there is also a small hip flask.
  • A crimson/red dust colored version with no sleeves and no pauldrons, worn by Gunmar.
  • A grey version with long sleeves and one pauldron on the left shoulder, emblazoned with a grey Dawnguard symbol, worn by Celann.


Dawnguard alignedEdit

  • A full set is automatically given to the Dragonborn by Gunmar after completing "A New Order".
  • A full set can be bought from Gunmar at any time.
  • Several pieces can be found around Fort Dawnguard.

Volkihar alignedEdit


Only two pieces of this set are enchanted:

Neither of these unique enchantments can be disenchanted and applied to other items.


All pieces can be upgraded with a steel ingot at a workbench and also benefit from the Advanced Armors perk, which doubles the improvement.

Attributes by pieceEdit

Piece ArmorIcon WeightIcon GoldIcon ID
Dawnguard Armor 29 6 220 Error: String exceeds 1,000 character limit.
Dawnguard Boots 8 1.5 25 xx00f400
Dawnguard Gauntlets 8 1.5 40 xx00f3fe
Dawnguard Helmet 16 1.5 100 xx01989e
Total 61 10.5 385

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