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Dawnguard Rune Shield

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Dawnguard Rune Shield
Base Armor:
27 ArmorIcon
6 WeightIcon
Base Value:
450 GoldIcon
Additional Effects:
+10 Bash damage against vampires, and sustained blocking creates a minor sun shield doing 10 points of damage while draining the wielder's stamina.
Class: Light Armor, Shield
Upgrade Material: Steel Ingot
Perk: None
"A magical shield that when blocked with, surrounds it's wielder with a holy aura that harms the undead. Might come in handy."
Florentius Baenius
The Dawnguard Rune Shield is a unique light shield and a variant of the Dawnguard Shield. The "sun-shield" effect is similar to Stendarr's Aura, and has similar effects; however, no benefit is gained by using both the shield and restoration spell simultaneously. Stendarr's Aura cancels out the effects from the Rune Shield.


It is obtained from a radiant location during the quest Lost Relic. Possible locations include:


The Dawnguard Rune Shield can be upgraded at a workbench with a steel ingot and the Arcane Blacksmith perk, however it does not benefit from any smithing perks.

This means the armor cannot be improved past flawless quality without boosting the Smithing skill over 100. This can be achieved by using enchanted items and blacksmithing potions to Fortify Smithing.


The Dawnguard Rune Shield has a unique enchantment:

  • Fortify Bash: 10 points (against vampires only)
  • Sun-Shield: 10 points of damage (after a sustained period of blocking)

Using the sun-shield capability expends Stamina, and adds to the Destruction skill.


 360   If the Dragonborn switches to this shield via a shortcut in the favorites menu (i.e. left or right on the D-Pad), the enchantment will no longer work. A known fix for this is to unequip the shield and requip the shield. (Confirmed 360, PC and PS3 unknown).

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