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"Burn it! Burn the vampire!"
―Dawnguard Scout

Dawnguard Scout is a radiant member of the Dawnguard. They are only encountered if the Dragonborn has joined Harkon's court. They are the vampire questline equivalent of the Vampire Scout.


Dawnguard scouts often work in pairs, sneaking around the coast of the secluded island in the Sea of Ghosts that Castle Volkihar is on, waiting to ambush the Dragonborn. They can frequently be found camping out at the stone tower near the dock.


They typically wear a mixed set of heavy and light Dawnguard Armor, and are armed with a Crossbow and a Dawnguard War Axe.


  • If either of the scouts see the Dragonborn transform into a Vampire Lord, a 1000 GoldIcon bounty will be added to Whiterun.
  • If one uses the "Mind" part of the "Bend Will" Shout, and the scout becomes friendly, you can talk to it and they will have the Bard spy speech options.



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