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General information



Assault by the Ice Tribe

Location information

The Pale, Skyrim

  • Snow
  • Mountains
  • Ocean
  • Forest
Points of interest

Dawnstar Sanctuary


Second Era through Fourth Era


Stormcloak Rebellion

Dawnstar is a large port city on the northern coast of Skyrim in the Sea of Ghosts. The city received its name from the phrase "Greeting the sun as it begins its journey"[1].

  • Dawnstar circa 4E 201
  • Dawnstar circa 3E 399
  • Dawnstar Insignia


Dawnstar is built in between small mountains. The city goes downward from the entrance atop the hill to the ports on the northern shore. The residential homes are located downward along the shore. The inn and the Jarl's Longhouse are on the top hill. Dawnstar is unique in that it owns two mines: Iron-Breaker Mine and the Quicksilver Mine. Dawnstar is one of three ports on the sea, including Solitude and Windhelm.


Second Era

During the reign of the Akaviri Potentate, a fortress in Dawnstar went under siege and as a result of the declared martial law which also resulted into one of the most brutal and bloodiest periods in Tamrielic History[2].

Dawnstar was the site of an attack by the Ice Tribes. The Four Champions of Dawnstar, Chung, Delacroix, Beatrice, and Alhavara, tried everything from negotiating with the tribes, raiding their homes, and even going to the Emperor for aid. However, nothing came out of it and after another attack, Governor Cyril Vinticae banished the four champions thinking that one of them was in league with the tribes. A disgraced warrior was tasked by the governor to seek out the traitor so their name can be restored. With the help of Eustacia, the hero tracked down the four champions and found the traitor. At the final assault, the hero armed with the Starfrost defeated the Ice Tribes and the thriceborn Gehenoth.

Third Era

During the Imperial Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion had at one point visited the city in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos.

In the end of the third era, the Queen of Dawnstar, Macalla, married Thian of Solitude in order to expand Solitude's power in Northern Skyrim.

Fourth Era

During Skyrim's Civil War, Dawnstar became allied with the neighboring nation of Windhelm. The Jarl of Dawnstar at the time was Skald the Elder. Around 4E 201, Dawnstar's citizens were suffering from a series of nightmares by the Skull of Corruption. The Last Dragonborn and a former priest of Vaermina, a dunmer named Erandur, went to the Nightcaller Temple and ended the city's suffering.


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