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The Dead Body Cleanup Cell is a cross-shaped room where most characters encountered will appear when killed. Most entities in the room do not have anything equipped.


The cell consists of two identical hallways crossed over one another made of cobblestone, and is lit with bright purple and green lighting from an unseen source. At the end of each hallway is a door frame without a door, opening up into the empty black skybox surrounding it. If the Dragonborn falls through one of them, they simply fall back in the center of the room.

All hallways are identical, except the eastern one, which has two coffins.


Accessing the cell can be accomplished only by using console commands. Only one is required for entry, but both are possible ways of getting there.

  1. Using the NPCs RefID and player.moveto command. For example, typing player.moveto 0002C927 would move the player to Severio Pelagia's location, which may or may not be in the Dead Body Cleanup Cell depending on if he is still alive or not.
  2. Using the center on cell command: typing coc WIDeadBodyCleanupCell will teleport the Dragonborn directly inside the Dead Body Clean Up Cell. To leave the cell, the Dragonborn must use coc riverwood (or other locations, e.g. Whiterun) to teleport into a worldspace.
  • Note that this may cause Skyrim to crash.



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