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The Dead Crewmembers are a group of four men who belonged to the crew of the ship Serpent's Wake, a ship that had just returned from the Summerset Isles to find and bring back a family heirloom for Varulae. They were murdered along with their captain and there souls cursed to haunt the ship forever.

If the Hero progresses in the Dark Brotherhood storyline, they will find out the killer was also the traitor trying to destroy the Brotherhood, Mathieu Bellamont. They can discover this by reading the Traitor's Diary.


The Ghost Ship of AnvilEdit

The Hero will be asked to go into the ship, kill the spirits that haunt it, and recover Varulae's family heirloom.



  • Heinrich Oaken-Hull may refer to himself as the captain of the ship, even though the entire crew was killed.


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