Dead Man's Wrist is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. In a cave full of plunder, the Vestige found a dead man clutching a note to his sister. Though the bracelet accompanying the note has little monetary value, his sister may be glad to have it back.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Bring Bracelet and Note to Terina
  2. Complete the quest


Not far from Sandy Grotto Wayshrine, the Vestige found a cave full with plunder with a dead Redguard on the floor. When searching the body, they find a note clutched in his hand and when opening the note, a bracelet falls out. Though it has little monetary value, it may have sentimental value to someone.

Crumbled noteEdit

"Terina, you were right. Irila betrayed us. She's dead, but her blade was poisoned. I'm dying. I pray whoever finds this returns the bracelet to you and tells you of my fate. Reward them. All my love,


To find his sister, back in town is likely the place to start. Head back to Port Hunding and follow the marker to find the sister. She can be found at the same location as Nadwa, a small oasis with a fountain.

Terina doesn't want to be disturbed but when the Vestige mention they found a note and bracelet she tells them it's her brothers. She is sad her brother died and by that Goblinspawn, who she knew would put a dagger in their backs. The bracelet was a gift to their ancestors and Siraj always wore it.


  • 18–75 GoldIcon