"Welcome, welcome! I don't believe we've seen you here before, have we? You can buy from me, then join any booth you'd like."

The Dealer is a Bosmer found inside Redwater Den.


The Bloodstone ChaliceEdit

She will initially welcome the Dragonborn to the skooma den hidden under Redwater Den. When asked about the den, she boasts that they are purveyors of the best Skooma outside of Balmora. If asked what is so special about the Skooma, she explains that the secret is the Bloodspring located deep within the den.

She can be persuaded to give a free sample of Redwater Skooma or it can be bought from her.

However, once the Dragonborn opens the gate or drinks the Redwater Skooma, she becomes hostile and attacks with her bows.

After discovering the Bloodspring, she will be the sole inhabitant of the den not marked as a Vampire's Thrall provided she is still alive.


  • If she is resurrected and converted into a follower under console commands, she reacts to the Redwater Spring as if she has not seen it before, even when she is the one who sells Redwater Skooma.
  • According to Creation Kit, the character model is actually reused from the Voice of Namira character (DA11VoiceofNamira), they both are identical.[1]