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Dealing with Quitters is a note by an anonymous author with a stern notice regarding membership to the Bitterhand Bandits.



No organization can grow and evolve without some level of attrition. In our line of work, however, such activity requires special attention. People can't be allowed to just join the Bitterhand Bandits and then decide to quit a little while later. Not only could this endanger our secrets, but think of what it might do to our reputation. If the general public hears that people are quitting, they'll think we've lost our edge. Next thing you know, people will be trying to be heroes and that will make robbing them that much harder. Next time someone comes to you wanting to quit, let's use that opportunity to make an example of them. Just make sure to detain them until I arrive and then we'll put on a show for everyone. It'll be educational and fun at the same time.


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