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Death Hound

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Death Hound
Basic Info
Level 5
Health-icon 121
MagickaIcon 0
Loot Death Hound Collar
Dog Meat
Soul Size Lesser
Base ID xx00C5EF
"Death Hounds are used as guardians by vampires. How they came to be is unknown, but their bite is as cold as the grave."
Dawnguard loading screen

Death Hounds are undead creatures that serve as the pets and guard dogs for vampires.


A death hound's primary form of attack is its bite, which deals frost damage. However, they also emit a permanent frost cloak that drains stamina from anyone in melee range during combat.

Upon death, they drop a death hound collar and dog meat and, occasionally, small amounts of gold or any other minor treasure.

Named DeathhoundsEdit


  • Killing death hounds count towards raising the power of the enchantment of the Dawnguard Rune Axe.
  • It is possible that death hounds are dogs that have contracted Sanguinare Vampiris.
  • Like vampires, death hounds cannot be fed upon by a werewolf. Having the perk Savage Feeding doesn't change this.
  • Death hounds do not bark or move their jaws like normal dogs, but if the console command "sexchange" is used on them, they will behave like normal dogs.


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