Deathmatch is one of three player-versus-player (PvP) modes that can be played on the Battlegrounds maps within The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind expansion.


In Deathmatch, the Vestige is put onto a team with three others, against two other teams of four, making it a 4v4v4.


Once the game starts, each team must accumulate points by killing enemies on the opposing team, fifteen points being given for each kill. The winning team is declared one of two ways, one team has reached the maximum amount of points, or the 15 minute timer has run out and the team with the most points wins.



Once the game ends, a scoreboard will show everyone's kills, deaths, assists, damage dealt, health healed, and other medals earned through the match.


When the match starts, the Vestige will be on one of three teams, Pit Daemons (Green), Fire Drakes (Orange), or Storm Lords (Purple). Each team's spawn is associated and surrounded by an aura with their color which acts as a barrier, only letting players of that team through.


Battlegrounds Activity Finder
  • While the normal Cyrodiil PvP campaigns have their own section in the menus, Deathmatch and other Battlegrounds mode are found under the Activity Finder.

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