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Deatshshead Legion Garrison is a garrison of the Imperial Legion stationed in the West Gash in the small mining town of Gnisis. Fort Darius, as well as the Gnisis Barracks, belong to them. The Deathshead Legion Garrison is the only recruiting garrison during the events of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. Their commandant is General Darius, who can be found downstairs in the Madach Tradehouse.

Related questsEdit

The following quests are directly related to the activities of the Deathshead Legion Garrison and its members:

Widow Vabdas' DeedEdit

The Deathshead Legion Garrison wants to expand its fort, and the land of the recently widowed Widow Vabdas would be ideal for their plans. Darius sends the Nerevarine to her to convince her to give the Widow Vabdas' Land Deed to the garrison.

Talos Cult ConspiracyEdit

General Darius has grown uneasy about a suspected conspiracy within his ranks that might be directed towards the current Emperor Uriel Septim VII himself. He asks the Nerevarine to investigate his suspicions and bring the guilty party to justice.

Known MembersEdit

The Deatshead Legion Garrison consists mostly of Imperial and Orsimer soldiers. The following is a list of all known members of the garrison:


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