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Decumus Scotti was a middle aged Imperial who worked at the Atrius Building Commission, and later the Lord Vanech's Building Commission around the year 3E 398.[1] After being let go from his former employer at the beginning of A Dance in Fire, Scotti receives a badly written letter from his former business colleague, Liodus Jurus that urges him to travel to Valenwood with blank contracts to bid on the reconstruction efforts. During the course of his journey, Scotti finds himself subjected to various hijinxes and misadventures in Valenwood during the time of the Five Year War/War of the Blue Divide. After successfully brokering Imperial contracts for the rebuilding of the devastated province, Scotti is welcomed back to the Imperial City as a celebrity and is hired by his former employer's rival, Lord Vanech's Building Commission as a senior clerk.

At the beginning of The Argonian Account, Scotti is tasked by Lord Vanech to solve the dismal trade situation in Black Marsh. After being subjected to the wilds and nearly eaten Scotti understands that Imperial notions of how things should work are to blame for most of the problems facing trade. Knowing this, Scotti solves the trade problems by doing nothing and embezzles the remaining investments to retire comfortably. [2]



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