Not to be confused with Deekum, Dreekius, or Deekonus.

Deekus is an Argonian living by himself at a small campsite near Hela's Folly.


He is often found sitting in his chair in front of a crate with a coin purse, one piece of gold and a tankard. Due to the number of gemstones and valuables spread around his camp, it can be assumed that he is a scavenger and a treasure hunter. To the right of his bedding is a chest with a bear trap in front of it, and on the other side is a Dibella Statue.

Stealing the items around the camp is a good source of income, as it will respawn occasionally, especially after Deekus has been killed. However, if Deekus is still alive when his items are stolen it may cause him to send a group of hired thugs after the Dragonborn. On some occasions, stealing in front of him will make him take back the item rather than turning hostile.


Contract: Kill DeekusEdit

The Dark Brotherhood has been hired to kill Deekus.






  • After Deekus' death, Hired Thugs may still be sent after the Dragonborn with a letter signed by him.
  • If the Dragonborn is Argonian, they can be apologetic toward Deekus before killing him and say, "I'm sorry, egg brother, but I've been sent to kill you."