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Deep Folk Crossing

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Deep Folk Crossing is a Dwemer ruin and landmark located in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is an ancient Dwemer bridge located northeast of Markarth and west of Mor Khazgur. It lies close to the border of High Rock.


Originally, this was the location of the Dwemer city of Bthar-zel, which translates to "allied city,"[1] however, only the bridge and a few ruins remain. The name "Deep Folk" is the translation of the word "Dwemer,"[2] though it's unknown if this alludes to anything other than the origin of the bridge itself.


Arniel's EndeavorEdit

Arniel Gane requires the Dragonborn to locate a Dwemer Convector, which can be found on the other side of the bridge.

Lost to the AgesDGEdit

This is one of four locations in which an Aetherium Shard can be found.

Notable itemsEdit

  • This location includes a Dwemer shrine, usually adorned with a Dwarven Helmet and a leveled weapon.




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