Delayed Burial is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is an optional quest, and may be skipped once the Dragonborn starts the quest "Sanctuary."


While traveling north of Whiterun, the Dragonborn may encounter a peculiar man in a jester's outfit with a broken-down cart. It turns out his name is Cicero and he will beseech them to aid him, stating he needs repairs for his wagon wheel to move his "mother's" (actually The Night Mother's) corpse to a new burial site.

Alternatively, if they have spoken to Vantus Loreius first, the farmer states that he is afraid and suspicious of Cicero, and does not wish to get involved in possible illegal activities.


By heading up to Loreius Farm and speaking with Vantus, the Dragonborn will receive the quest. One can also receive the quest by talking with Cicero first, where he will moan about the broken wagon wheel and tell the player to go find Loreius so he can fix it.

The player can choose either to report Cicero to the guards, or persuade Vantus to help him. If the latter is chosen, when Cicero is later encountered at the Dark Brotherhood sanctuary in Falkreath, he will recognize the Dragonborn and compliment them, and will reward them with some gold. Going back to Cicero and telling him he will get help from the farmer will make him very happy and reward the player with some GoldIcon. If helping Vantus, he will also reward them with some GoldIcon for helping him get rid of the troublesome jester.


Delayed Burial – DB01Misc
IDJournal Entry
5 Apparently there's a strange jester near the Loreius Farm, on the road north of Whiterun. It would seem he's transporting a coffin in a cart, but one of the wheels has broken off. It might be worth investigating.
  • Objective 5: Talk to the strange jester
10 I met a strange jester named Cicero, who is transporting his mother's coffin. One of the wheels of Cicero's wagon has broken off, and he wants me to ask a farmer named Loreius for help.
  • Objective 10: Convince Loreius to fix the wheel
20 I have agreed to help the farmer Loreius get rid of the strange jester named Cicero, who keeps asking for his help. I'm to report Cicero to the nearby guard, and lie about his offense.
  • Objective 20: Report Cicero to the guard
30 The jester Cicero wants the farmer Loreius to fix his broken wagon wheel, but Loreius just wants Cicero to leave. I can either convince Loreius to fix the wheel, or report Cicero to the nearby guard.
  • Objective 30: Convince Loreius or report Cicero
40 I have reported Cicero to the guard, and lied about his offense. I must now speak to Loreius, and let him know I have assisted him.
  • Objective 40: Talk to Loreius
50 I have spoken to Loreius, and convinced him to repair Cicero's broken wagon wheel. I need to report back to Cicero, and let him know help is on the way.
  • Objective 50: Talk to Cicero
200 I have resolved the conflict between the jester Cicero and Loreius the farmer.
  • Quest complete
210 I have resolved the conflict between the jester Cicero and Loreius the farmer.
  • Quest failed
215 I have resolved the conflict between the jester Cicero and Loreius the farmer.


  • Cicero's reward is slightly higher than Vantus' reward, should the Dragonborn choose to help Vantus and report Cicero.
  • If the player chooses to report Cicero to the guards (as Vantus initially wishes to do) however, Cicero will be arrested and led away. If the player later joins the Dark Brotherhood, Cicero will express anger when they first meet in the Sanctuary, although this has no effect on their interactions. Vantus and his family will eventually be murdered by an unknown perpetrator if Cicero is arrested.
  • If the Dragonborn convinces Vantus to help Cicero, his wheel will remain broken until the completion of "With Friends Like These..."
  • After "With Friends Like These..." is completed, the quest will no longer be available.
  • If the Dragonborn helps Cicero, at the end of Cicero's dialogue, he will say, "And thank you, thank you again!" This is much like Aventus Aretino after the completion of "Innocence Lost."


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  •  PC   After completing the quest in favor of Vantus, if the Dragonborn steals Cicero's horse and tries to ride away from Loreius Farm, the horse will vanish, leaving the Dragonborn riding in the air. The game crashes shortly afterwards.

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