"I need time to prepare the ritual that will bring this to an end. We have to delay the Covenant troops to the south."
―Tanval Indoril[src]

Delaying the Daggers is a quest available to be initiated from Tanval Indoril at the Indoril Manor in Davon's Watch. It becomes available once "Legacy of the Ancestors" has been completed.


Tanval Indoril asked me to help slow the Covenant's siege of Davon's Watch.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Talk to Holgunn
    1. Optional: Talk to Garyn Indoril
  2. Burn Siege Equipment: 0/6
  3. Talk to Holgunn


The Vestige, to initiate the quest, must first speak with Tanval Indoril at his manor in Davon's Watch.

Tanval Indoril Dialogue Screen

Tanval Indoril, located in Indoril Manor at the north end of Davon's Watch.

"With my ancestor's skull, I have a powerful weapon―the ultimate weapon! I just need a little more time."

What do you need? "I need time to prepare the ritual that will bring this to an end. We have to delay the Covenant troops to the south."
How can I buy you some time? "Ask Holgunn. He's commanding the defense of the west gate. If you need a guide, speak to Garyn."
I'll find Holgunn.

"Go to the west gate and help Holgunn. Garyn can show the way."

The Vestige may utilize Garyn Indoril to show them the way to the west gate. Following Garyn, he will talk about the situation on the way, revealing a few details.

Garyn Indoril Dialogue Screen

Garyn Indoril, right beside his father.

"My orders are to help you."

Tanval said you would lead me to the west gate. "Then we should go."

"Father said the Akaviri War was like this."
"Such senseless death and destruction."
"Commander Holgunn."
"I have duties with my father. Fight well."

The Vestige then speak with Holgunn, the commander of the defense against the siege.

Delaying the Daggers Holgunn

Commander Holgunn, located at the west gate of the walls.

"I've been reviewing our defenses. It's not good. The Covenant is bringing up ballistae and siege ladders. Time to show them what we've got!"

What should I do? "Do? Burn those ballistae. Same for the ladders. Burn them to ash. I'll be leading a sortie from the gate. Meet us when you're done. It'll be glorious!"

"Burn the ballistae and ladders outside the gate. That'll set those bastards back. Look for me when you're done."

Delaying the Daggers Map

Map of the beach.

The siege ladders are located in the northeast part of the beach, the trebuchets in the northwest, and the ballistae between them, in the middle. After the Vestige has burned all the siege engines, they must meet Holgunn once more at the gate.

"I heard the horns. I saw the flames. Are you done?"

I burned down their siege gear, as you requested. "The damn skeevers tricked us, though. This was only a feint."


  • 36–151 GoldIcon


Journal Entry
I should head to the west gate of Davon's Watch and speak with Holgunn
  • Objective: Talk to Holgunn
To disrupt the siege of Davon's Watch, I've been instructed to destroy two Covenant ballistae on the western beach. Holgunn also wants me to start a fire at the construction site where they're building siege ladders.
  • Objective: Burn Siege Equipment: 0/6
Now that I've delayed the Covenant, I should return to Davon's Watch and meet Holgunn.
  • Objective: Talk to Holgunn
  • Quest complete