"Delty Fyr is the efficient one. Organized and orderly. She acts as our steward, manages accounts, maintains supplies, and keeps the tower and Corprusarium running."
Divayth Fyr[src]
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Delte Fyr is a Dunmer who resides in Tel Fyr. She is one of the four "daughters" of Divayth Fyr. She was created by Divayth as a "side benefit of the researches into corprus disease."[1]

Delte now exists solely to serve her master/father, Divayth, and takes care of the family's accounts and finances. Her "sisters" are Alfe, Beyte, and Uupse.


Delte uses the following equipment:


Delte uses the following:

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"My name is Delte Fyr. Did you want to see Divayth Fyr? Have you got corprus disease? Or are you another questing hero looking to plunder the dungeon?"

Divayth Fyr "Lord Fyr is in his study. I'm sure he won't mind being disturbed. We get few visitors here. You CAN levitate, can't you? The study is on an upper level, accessible only by the central flywell. I'm afraid we aren't set up to accommodate barbarians or peasants. Understand? Go up the ramps to the Hall of Fyr, then walk around, looking up, until you see a shaft above you. Then levitate. Up the shaft. Then look for Lord Fyr in his study."
corprus disease "Those with corprus disease go to the Corprusarium. To get there, just keep heading down."
plunder the dungeon "Really? Is that what you had in mind? Don't let me discourage you. But you do know that you are almost certain to get corprus disease if you enter the Corprusarium? And I hope you understand how frightfully dangerous our inmates can be? And we do have guards, you know. Quite good ones. You're free to try, of course. But I don't advise it."
Corprusarium "This is not the Corprusarium. The Corprusarium is in the caverns down below the tower. Just keep going down. You'll want to speak with Uupse Fyr or Vistha-Kai. They attend to the needs of the Corprusarium inmates -- victims of the corprus disease. If you go down there, be careful. Many corprus victims are completely mad. And quite violent."


  • "If you have corprus disease, you need the Corprusarium. Or do you want Divayth Fyr?"


  • If she is killed before the quest "Corprus Cure" is completed, it will be impossible to continue the main quest.
  • Her name is reminiscent of the letter Delta, the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.



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