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Delver is a Achievement/Trophy in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and yields 40 Gamer points or a Silver Trophy.

To get this Achievement/Trophy the Dragonborn needs to clear 50 dungeons (clear the dungeons from enemies).

Once a dungeon is cleared, a note will appear on the map under the name of the dungeon, stating that it has been cleared. The Dragonborn can also follow his/her amount of cleared dungeons in the Character Menu, in section Stats under General.

"Dungeons" confirmed to count towards the Achievement/Trophy:

  • Camp Camps - generally a small outpost with some tents and Bandits.
  • Cave Caves - often one roomed.
  • Dragon Dragon Peaks - a location on high altitude, always containing a dragon and often a new shout.
  • DwarvenRuins Dwarven Ruins - often huge underground caves.
  • Fort Forts - fort with some rooms.
  • GiantCamp Giant Camps - exterior locations with giants and mammoths.
  • Tomb Nord Tombs - large dungeons containing draugr and sometimes a new shout.
  • Tower Towers - strongholds with few rooms, containing everything from skeevers to bandits.
Delver (Achievement)
Clear 50 Dungeons
Points 40 Gamer points
Silver trophy

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